Saturday, October 28, 2006

first art post =D
ill just upload some recent lifedrawings and 1st portfolio stuff haha

portfolio stuff

1 mins

2 mins

3 mins (i think)

5 mins

10 mins

ill upload some cafe drawings some day


Sleepar said...

lol nice stuff so far!! welcome to blogging btw. even tho i'm a newb too. /gg post moree

Druie said...

yay. i get to see your lifedrawing now! the structure in your line only 5, and 10 minute pose is awesome.

Joe Ho said...

hey Lisa way to go of ur life drawing.. your 5 and 10 need more work as we talk about in school, but ur gesture is AWSOME, gesturei s about get the "acting" of the model down.. no worry about detial(eg, structurs..) :p PEACE..!!

Jurffy said...


Ginseng said...

Keep up the good work Lisa! Your life drawing is getting good! I am impressed. Dicipline yourself on the hands and feet more.

Add fuel add fuel

Yuta said...

good drawings!!!i love them!!