Saturday, November 18, 2006

painting thing


yay this is actually the first time that i finished an assignment before the night before due date =O
its kind of chep.

and yaay my baby being cute <333>


Vivian Lai said...

komeeeee~ wheeee cat in a bag :o

Letz said...

haha :) soooo cute omg

fillstheills said...

i killed a kitten when i was three years old.

actually, to this day- i'm not sure if it's a memory of childhood or dreams.


sheesh, so creepy, this guy.

Sleepar said...

o_O catttttt

cool painting. is it watercolours? btw are they letting u guys paint digitally?

Yuta said...

cool painting!!!hhow much time did you spend on the that??probablly tons of time eh??your cat is so pretty.

Lisa Tao said...

peter, its guash ;___;
but i used it like a wash so i guess it could be classfied watercolour? i dunno.. i think we'll paint digitally next semester

yuta, lol i did it last minute.. u were there when i painted D: and i guess it took me.. 4hours? but i was slacking too .__.

Simon Kim said...

it's so caty~
is that a cat?