Wednesday, December 20, 2006

whee animations o_Oa

here are all the animations i did for the whole semester of 2nd year animation.
all done last minute. HAHA

#1 wave boat sack

got 70 something on it.. ): boo

#2 lift and toss

surprisingly got 90 on it. need to keep my drawings consistant ;___;

#3 walk and run

i forgot what i got.. i think it was 88?
one of the critique was that the shoulder and the arm of the characters move around but the torso doesnt. i got too used to animating in flash D:

#4 expression change

the girl's supposed to be lettie ):
but doesnt really look like her cuz i didnt have enough time to spend on designing the character lol sorry let ):

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

more caffe sketch thing

sketchbook review tomorrow!
ppl r so lazy they just sit around and eat all the time D:

and this is just another anime thing that i like to do. got any problem? D:

oh, and visit New Age Nerds if u havent already, its a weekly sketch and biweekly cg marathon among sheridan students.. join plz =D