Thursday, March 15, 2007

drawings dump =)


this one's from U of T life science department room full of jarred body parts O_O

cafe sketch from school cafeteria

mr simon kim

zoo drawings!! yaaay i spelled rhino wrong!!

cheetaaaah <3 it was so upclose.. so cuteeee

giraffes with imaginary patterns lol
they were locked up in a small cage and was walking around in circles ):
so sad



Letz said...

awesoem sause miss tao!

jurffy said...

lol u beautified the UoT head drawing

yuj said...

these are lovely...umm, maybe i shouldn't use 'lovely' maybe?

Yuriy Sivers said...

Lisa! These are really good!

HiengT said...

I love those giraffes with the patterns XD

Peter Chan said...

lol the giraffes are awesome. so are the other drawings. so good

Devvv said...

I love your lines! So crisp and beautiful.

Bobby Chiu said...

Nice sketch of Simon Kim!

jordan wan said...

nice uft drawing !