Sunday, February 03, 2008

spider web girl

I REALLY HOPE this will get me somewhere good for the summer =(
but maybe not.. now that i looke at it she has too big of a boob ):
and the tarantula looks too small ):
thats what happens when i do a cg while watching movies ):
too much frowning faces, i shall be happy that i finished one cg lol YAY =D

EDIT: the colour looked different from my desktop to my laptop, and im guessing the laptop one's more accurate.. so fixed the colours o_O ... and this piece took me about 7 hours while watcihng movies lol

EDIT: fixed and butchered after the comments i received from my two valuable friends. fun.


Vivian Lai said...

so this was ur cg eh :)
watching moviesss againnnn D: booo
very nice
maybe its just a baby tarantula~

Ken Tam said...

i luv the hair and the face, how long did it take u?

rikit said...

nothing wrong with big boob ;D

Anonymous said...

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