Thursday, March 13, 2008

lifedrawing =)

life drawing dump from 1st portfolio this semester =O
the colour ones are actually my real first try colouring lifedrawing with nupastel..
it was pretty fun. but i keep breaking vivian's pastel sticks so i decided to buy a pack myself ;____; sorrie bibian
im also trying out water colour =)
its pretty fun but also hard~ need so much patience.. which i dont have lol


Vivian Lai said...

haha だいじょうぶ!
lol i fail cuz i forgot how to spell it :P

luv ur debbies! lets practice more watercoloursss
and colours in general haha

while i break ur nupastels back /gg

Dominique Fung said...

all i can say is HAWT!

i need to lifedraw more -.- i can't draw people >.<

LETS GO MORE! motivate me!

Trevor Spencer said...

these are all super good! i really like the top one alot. ok thats all.....for now.

Red Fox said...

I love these, they are so expressive, and very lose!
Go girl!