Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sketch dump~

last pose from debbie ):
great poses today =)

one of my life drawing portfolio piece
drew this when i had no sleep o_O

drawing is fun again!
my passion for art is slowing coming back to me.
but ill still do lomography since i bought tons of expired films from ebay haha.
ill make another blog later for photographs =)

yay! drawing is fun!

Monday, April 07, 2008

sketchbook updates~

very cute old lady at square one

they were speaking french and english merged together =O
hot girl at oakville place
ed.. at life drawing lol

water colour is fun =)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

first time developing =) HOLGA 120fn

these are taken with a lomography toy camera HOLGA 120 fn =)
first time developing all the pictures after the purchase in summer last year lol
totally forgot about it up until like 2 weeks ago.
the set i bought came with the 120 fn and a baby holga thats doesnt even look like a camera, more like a can opener (?).
the pictures came out really pretty =) the 2nd one was a coincident, i forgot to wind the film after taking a shot and it overlapped 2 shots in 1. pretty cool and its my favorite piece.

i was thinking to buy an SLR, but after seeing all these awesome and retro looking pictures, i thought that toy cameras are for me! XD

thinking to buy another one thats less big and uses a default 35mm film, cuz the developing cost is so expensive, and i cant find the film for it that easily.. and the Blacks i went couldnt even develop the pictures from baby holga and had to ship it over somewhere else o_O

gonna go ebay some more cool cameras haha

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the street fighter thingy

i was SO rushed to do this one o_O;;
thought out alot of compositions but didnt end up liking any of them.. and time was running short ):
did this in like less than 2 hours..

i tried doing another one after knowing that it wasnt actually due on monday 12 (thanks to LOL)
but didnt end up finishing it, this was like more rushed too ):
and it sucked more ): but i sent it to them anywayyy eww
the forehead was too big but didnt have time to fix it lol angela thought it was a chibi cuz of that ): yup.. that bad.

whateverrrr.. if i dont get it in the book, ill just sell it (only ibuki one haha) at AX.
OH!! im going to california!!!! YAAAAY