Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sketch dump~

last pose from debbie ):
great poses today =)

one of my life drawing portfolio piece
drew this when i had no sleep o_O

drawing is fun again!
my passion for art is slowing coming back to me.
but ill still do lomography since i bought tons of expired films from ebay haha.
ill make another blog later for photographs =)

yay! drawing is fun!


Bobby Chiu said...

Wonderful work Lisa! Those Debbie poses rocked

DrawDoll said...

Bomb drawing lisa.... I really like you Debbie drawings and your bottom page.

Trevor Spencer said...

the bottom page is so very nice!!

Lettie said...

cool cool! draw more!

Dominique Fung said...

ouuu so sexy!! definitely lovin' the Debbie drawings ^^ keep it up!

sbq92 said...
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GHGraphics said...

Your profile is dated. Nice art.

ChrisDarnbrough said...

awsome stuff