Monday, April 07, 2008

sketchbook updates~

very cute old lady at square one

they were speaking french and english merged together =O
hot girl at oakville place
ed.. at life drawing lol

water colour is fun =)


Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung said...

hey you update your blog, i'll come by more often now. i like the photos you took with the toy camera, i want to save up for an SLR during the summer.

Peter Chan said...

ooo really like the 3rd one

haha less painting and more RO for uuuuuuuuuuu XD

Dominique Fung said...

omg i love the old lady! more watercolours!!!

DrawDoll said...

I love the third one! I saw it at school didn't know it was yours. P.S I need a Holga those pics looks awesome.

Peter Chan said...

haha hey i saw 2 of these drawings in the hall today, pretty nice!!