Tuesday, April 01, 2008

the street fighter thingy

i was SO rushed to do this one o_O;;
thought out alot of compositions but didnt end up liking any of them.. and time was running short ):
did this in like less than 2 hours..

i tried doing another one after knowing that it wasnt actually due on monday 12 (thanks to LOL)
but didnt end up finishing it, this was like more rushed too ):
and it sucked more ): but i sent it to them anywayyy eww
the forehead was too big but didnt have time to fix it lol angela thought it was a chibi cuz of that ): yup.. that bad.

whateverrrr.. if i dont get it in the book, ill just sell it (only ibuki one haha) at AX.
OH!! im going to california!!!! YAAAAY

1 comment:

Peter Chan said...

niceee i didn;t have tienm to do one :(