Tuesday, August 12, 2008

otakon '08

otakon at baltimore was so much more than i expected!! the convention was all about artists alley!
i had so much fun selling and doing commissions, i thought id post some of the commissions i didnt forget to take pictures of :)

"draw my character"
but this one was never picked up by the person :(
alot of ppl asked if it was on sale too! so sobbbss

"draw whatever you want"
this was real fun! i wish i had more time and patience on this one.. the baby is real wonky o_O

"draw my comic book's character for the upcoming tribute book (or page?)"
forgot to ask which comic it was on o_O;;

"blind-folded pink haired lady of justice"
the guy who commissioned me thought it was worth it to tip me 20 bucks extra :D thanks!!! really made my day :)

"girl mad hatter making out with cheshire cat"
LOL. this was a funny one. i had fun though! thanks!

next year, definitely going back to this con :)
ppl were really nice! hurray baltimore :D


pascal said...

these are AWESOME Lisa!

Randy Bantog said...

cool drawings!

Anonymous said...

ahh!! soo cool!!! lisa you're developing your own fan club!!! =D

Lisa Tao said...

lol thanks guyssss
does that mean im forming my own fanclub?? thats.. kinda sad .___.

Ken Tam said...

lol, i like how u draw hair

Peter Hong Chan said...

the draw whatever u want one...
i like it a lot
i want it. lol

Kei Acedera said...

NICCCCE...These are Great Lisa!!! love them.

Alina Chau said...

fun pages of character drawings!

Ken said...

very cool! I like the cheshire cat one lol

Tapan Gandhi said...

love the last one, lisa haha

Bobby Chiu said...

lovely commissions Lisa!! See you in school